So who are we, and why have we made this website?

Mariana and Roberto are natives of Bolivia, who have now lived in 5 countries total (Bolivia, France, Brazil, USA, and currently residing in Germany). We have known each other for over 10 years and have been married for more than 4. Both studied Chemical Engineering in the USA but currently work in software related fields. Mariana is a software engineer in the fashion industry, and Roberto a software and application engineer in the chemical industry.
The reason for this website is to learn how to code in html, css, and javascript. Therefore, Roberto has challenged himself to learn these languages from scratch and apply it simulataneuosly using this website as a creative outlet for drawings, writing, storytelling, and photography.
Mariana creates much of the photographic content and has a keen eye for aesthetics, layout, color choice, fonts, and of course is pretty much in charge of anything cool we wear. If it doesn't match or make sense, then that is more than likely Roberto.
The entire website is a combination of their creative spirits combined with newly found programming skills. It is a way of sharing their adventures together with family, friends and other curious individuals, outside of normal social media.