Travel Adventures

This section exhibits all the various adventures we have had travelling the world. We believe hate and ignorance as well as racism can be solved by seeing the world, and learning from other cultures and building empathic connections to those of different backgrounds. We are in essence citizens of the world, after having lived in 5 different countries and having traveled to dozens more.

Image not found PlaceholderThailand

Our trip to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket Thailand was considered our honeymoon, although it took place almost 3 years after we got married. However, the wait was totally worth it!

Image not found PlaceholderSantorini

This was our week-long trip to the beautiful island of Santorini in Greece! But even a week was too short-lived and we are looking forward to a return. There are plenty of other islands in Greece to explore.

Image not found PlaceholderFlorida-Carribean

Christmas time with the family in Orlando filled with amusement parks and an awesome Royal Carribean cruise around the carribean islands of Haiti, Jamaica, and a short stop to Chichen Itza in Mexico.

Image not found PlaceholderPaderborn

A short but fun visit to Paderborn, where my childhood friend Valeria and her husband live. More than a year later after our visit, they are now both parents. We will have to visit again to meet Olivia!

Image not found PlaceholderFlorence

A quick trip with my wife, brother and his wife and our mom who was visiting from Bolivia. She made a promise to someone she would make it to Florence, and here is she is making good.

Image not found PlaceholderHungary

A short but meaningful trip to the city of Budapest in Hungary. We got to see both Buda and Pest, did a wine tour of the region, and met with my old friend Tamas, who I met while in France.

Image not found PlaceholderPanama

A trip to Panama for our friends Valerie and Rolando's wedding, including a few days at the beach, some dancing and of course more partying. Panama was an excellent place to relax and have a good time.

Image not found PlaceholderBolivia

The trip was mainly meant to see family and friends, but we took a weekend detour to the Salar de Uyuni, or Uyuni Salt Flats to play with the perspective and take some awesome pictures and eat some salteñas.

Image not found PlaceholderHawaii

Christmas time with the family in Hawaii. We visited the islands of Honolulu, Maui and Lanai. All the adventures including helicopters, skeet shooting, snorkeling, and mud buggies.

Image not found PlaceholderSpain

Short trips to different areas of Spain to live the country's rich culture, delicious foods, history, music and unique art. Spain also has some of the best weather and beaches in Europe!

Image not found PlaceholderUK-Austria

Visit to London, UK for the Christmas Holidays and afterwards our first time ever attempting to ski. These are the the slopes of Kitzbühel in Austria. We stayed at the beautiful Mooralm.

Image not found PlaceholderOur Wedding

All shots and videos of our wedding in Bolivia with family in friends in Mariana's childhood home. We were fortunate to have so many people there attending and celebrating with us.

Image not found PlaceholderTomorrowland

All shots and videos of the tomorrowland. Either jump right in and see all the pictures or look at our event chronicle highlighting specific events with links to the festival's website.

Image not found PlaceholderAndrea & Tobias Wedding

Andrea and Tobias got married in a castle and this is collection of photos and videos we took. The ceremony was beautiful and the party was hardcore. There was dancing, drinks, and even musical chairs!